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About Great Kim

Great Kim Enterprise Co., LTD. was established in 2003, specialized in environmental protection, health, high quality and aesthetic appearance and other business philosophy to create all kinds of steel fireproof doors to diversify to meet customer needs. Including steel fire doors, steel wood fire doors, fire glass doors with single / double open, fire shutters ....etc
In addition to customization of different appearance of the steel fire door, we uses the parent company Fengsheng Industrial provided by the professional steel plate, to create a high-quality products, in response to the needs of indoor and outdoor style, to provide public space, office, Single choice villa diversified choice.
With the expansion of business volume and visibility, we also toward the fire glass door market development. Jin Tong Industrial also agents Saint Gobain fire glass, developed a more professional, beautiful and strengthen the fire glass door. This glass uses nanotechnology, except through 30-120
Minutes of measuring time, continuous extension of the glass can be achieved to achieve the visual effect, design and
The combination of aesthetics is in line with the needs of modern urban architecture.